Mills Mountain Bakery

Brittany Buckland and Tammy Thompson were both preparing gluten free meals and baked goods for their celiac family members.
Being celiac for many years, had brought many challenges to caring for their families while providing uncontaminated food. They saw the side effects of their family members after they had unknowingly had gluten contaminated food and that was unpleasant for them

They both had the ability to bake/cook and had a bit of business sense so they decided to do market research at summer markets. During this very informative time, they discovered, THEY WERE NOT ALONE in their quest for uncontaminated gluten free products.
Mills Mountain GF Foods was born!!! and they are thrilled to share their safe food with everyone to enjoy.
With the Awesome win, they will use the funds for their new location (4704 Hwy 1), providing them with a freezer display unit. They have a dedicated gluten free facility providing uncompromised products for the health and well being of celiacs and gluten intolerant folks of the Valley.

Ֆինանսավորված Annapolis, NS կողմից (March 2019)