Party Game: Will you make it to Planet B?

We have designed a human-scale game, sort of scavenger hunt, to raise awareness on sustainability and inequality issues and educate people on these issues.

Here is the story we have imagined :

We are in 2060. We exhausted the resources of Planet Earth. Millions of people have been killed because of the rise of the sea level, climatic catastrophes and water wars.

Fortunately, space explorers have found another planet where we could migrate to.m (Planet B). However, that planet is already populated. The autochtones living there are afraid that we, Earthlings, destroy their beautiful planet as we did with ours.

Therefore, they want us to go through an immigration process before they grant us a special visa. 8 delegations from Earth, representing each one of the most powerful nations will have to go through 4 checking points.

YOU have been chosen to be part of one of these delegations and contribute to saving humanity. "

The game will work like this:: we will have 8 teams of 5 people, and they will have to find the checking points around Chinatown with clues. At each checkpoint they will have a challenge to complete. Each checkpoint on a specific theme: health, art, gastronomy and sustainability/social impact.

This last check-point will be a quizz game where they will have to rank activities according to their carbon footprint, and answer some questions on sustainability and social impact.

Winners will get a symbolic reward, and everyone will get a free drink in a bar at the end of the game.

Ֆինանսավորված Singapore կողմից (February 2019)