Oaktown Ballers

Oaktown Ballers Non-Profit Sports Organization based in Oakland, California.

Oaktown Ballers is a non-profit organization dedicated to training the game of softball and baseball at a high-level for girls and boys from diverse socioeconomic means. Oaktown is especially dedicated to improving the skills of girls ages 8 – 16, particularly minority girls such as African-American, Latino and Asian, in competitive softball in the Oakland, California area. Oaktown Ballers believes that money should not be an impediment to becoming an amazing athlete. The girls at Oaktown are trained at the highest level possible to provide leadership and training that could lead to advanced level athletic opportunities throughout high school and college.

“The essence Oaktown Ballers is to provide a path for players to gain visibility for their skills, be on-track for college-level play and potential scholarships. “

In August of 2018 Oaktown formed its first competitive softball team for the 11 years old and under age group. The 13 girls that formed the first team were mainly Latina and African American decent and varied in age from 8 to 11 years old. The team played in tournaments sanctioned by the United States Specialty Sports Association USSSA in Northern California. The team performed at a high level and provided a great competition to the teams played against. The competition was against A level and B level teams which are considered the highest level of youth softball teams.

After a successful season, the families wanted to continue but due to the varied age groups half had to move up and half were to stay at the 10U level. Therefore, in December 2018, we formed two teams, a 12U and a 10U team. The demographics of both teams are predominately Latina and African American providing a great representation of the true demographics of Oakland.

It is Oaktown Ballers’ goal to represent the diversity that exists in the city that we love.

Ֆինանսավորված Oakland, CA կողմից (January 2019)