GRID Stage Company 2019 Season

GRID Stage Company is a emerging stage company that focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and creation for the stage. Our goal is to engage artists of different art mediums to collaborate and create within the work we do. GRID has two exciting new project platforms planned for 2019: “GRIDlock Creation Project” is an experimental creative group session that meets once a month. This project is structured to challenge artists to use new approaches and explore innovative ideas. Through this process we will develop an original piece for the stage that will be created, assembled and workshopped in Kingston. The intention is to submit the pieces to various fringe and theatre festivals across Ontario. Our “Off The GRID Series” will stage four visceral and engaging works from established, emerging, obscure, and original creators. This work will be curated in small non traditional theatre spaces in Kingston. We plan on using reclaimed materials for our sets, costumes, props and lighting while also executing efficient marketing tactics through using less paper. Another element of our company is mentorship between and across various art forms. We aim to provide our members as well as participants and audiences with opportunities for personal and professional development and self growth.
We hope our company model and season programming will invite young adults and new audience demographics to attend the theatre.

Ֆինանսավորված Kingston կողմից (January 2019)