Crickets to Betsy! A Farm for Fun & Bugs

Crickets to Betsy! has been an ever evolving project whose focus is introducing the people of Pittsburgh to entomophagy, the practice of eating edible insects. Its main goals have been cultivating sustainability, accessibility, education, nutrition, and fun!

In many different parts of the world eating insects is nothing new, but here in the United States we're still slow to catch on to the trend. Edible insects are an excellent source of nutrients, use a fraction of the resources that other sources of protein do, and have an extremely small carbon footprint making the decision to incorporate them into one's diet a simple one. It's not for everyone of course, but for those looking to explore new ways of being mindful about what they put into their bodies, and how that affects the planet, Crickets to Betsy! is here to assist.

By establishing a cricket farm in Pittsburgh, I hope to offer everyone the chance to explore entomophagy in an inclusive and educational environment. Crickets, and other insects, will be available for purchase, educational programs will be offered, and products made with our insects will also be available to the public. It is so important to me that every Pittsburgher, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, and/or socioeconomic status, has the opportunity to make healthy choices for themselves and their environment. To that end, I will explore ways of keeping costs low for everyone.

Life is too short not to take chances and try new things. It is my dream, with Crickets to Betsy!, to offer an experience many probably would not dream of having in their lifetime. I have seen firsthand how fun and happy eating a bug for the first time can be for friends and family, now I would love to bring that to more new friends and family of Pittsburgh.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (November 2018)