Creators of State College

Julius Caesar once said, "It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life." Both of my parents are musicians; my mother never graduated college and my father dropped out in the 11th grade. Too often in their lives, they have been defined by what they do NOT have [education], rather than what they do have [albums upon albums or music THEY'VE written]. In 2010, Brandon Stanton began taking photos of New Yorkers and asking them about their stories. Since then, he has created social media accounts that have taken the world by storm, leading him to write a book about all the amazing people he has met! See:

My idea: to take this, bring it to State College and other areas, and help the public realize that there is a creator within each of us; to help people see that creators come in all shapes and sizes and that each one has a very unique perspective and history that deserves to be heard.

I once asked a Radio DJ, "What are you better at than anyone else in this world?"... he replied, "Making bread." Yet, he is consistently known for his radio personality. Imagine a world where we were able to showcase just how powerful we all are, and to bring to light this fact: we are so much more than what we portray.

The goal is to take 3,000 pictures/short video clips (like boomerangs on instagram) of individuals, in State College and surrounding areas, doing what they LOVE in their place of work. For instance, I plan to ask the DJ (if he is comfortable) to bring his apron and some dough to his station, and I will take a picture. Those photos/videos (with their consent) will then be uploaded to our website and social media. The final step? A block party: where each of these individuals will be invited to showcase THEIR talents. Most importantly... everyone will be invited to be who they are, and to be celebrated.

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