Becoming Vegan - A 4-Week Community Event

Here at Catskill Animal Sanctuary we are excited to launch a community-based vegan mentor program this September. On four consecutive Saturday afternoons we will welcome visitors interested in becoming vegan to our beautiful grounds to learn more about the whys and hows of becoming vegan and to engage in meaningful conversations with others who can help support them on their journey. These afternoon events will feature talented and accomplished speakers, food demonstrations with samples, snacks, and an educational tour of the sanctuary which includes meeting some of our beloved rescued residents. Participants pledge to be vegan for the month and are paired with a trained mentor who will provide guidance and support tailored to their individual goals and needs. Participants have the option to continue with a mentor after September and are also given a comprehensive resource packet which includes books, films, apps, and websites.
We have 15 mentors who, after an initial application and interview, have completed our carefully designed 8-hour training and are prepared to work with up to three participants (“mentees”) each. We anticipate having 30-50 participants in the program, some of whom may attend one or more of the community events but choose not to become a pledge or have a mentor. We welcome all who are interested to attend any or all of the Saturday afternoon events. For those who pledge, there will be a shared celebratory meal on the last day of the program. These events and the mentorship support are provided to the public free of charge to help facilitate the attendance and participation of all who are interested in making this important lifestyle change - a change which we know creates a kinder world for animals, our shared Earth, and ourselves.
The project is operated by Elana Kirshenbaum, our Adult Programs Manager, who has many years of vegan advocacy and program management experience.
Please reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Ֆինանսավորված Vegan կողմից (August 2018)