National Day of Action- Sport, Lawn, and Garden

On June 21st, thousands of people across the nation will be banding together
to support the health, education, and financial well-being of every person in
every community. This "Day of Action" is a reminder that when we come together to support the greater good, every day is a day of action. This year's Day of Action will be hosted by Home of New Vision's Sport, Lawn, and Garden Project's committee, and we will focus on improving the lives of our clients in the New Recovery Residence!

Exercise can increase wellbeing and release endorphins, making it a useful long-term strategy to combat substance abuse and decrease the risk of relapse. Our Sport, Lawn, and Garden (SLAG) Project provides our clients in the Residential Treatment Program with fun and rewarding activities. Our goal is to help our clients replace their bad hobbies and habits with good ones!

This year we will be joining up with United Way, Volunteers, and other community members to implement the SLAG project. We will be fixing up the yard, installing a walking path, starting the garden, and setting up the sports/lawn/harden activities for the clients.

Ֆինանսավորված Ann Arbor, MI կողմից (June 2018)