Dubai (Ոչ ակտիվ)

Այս մասնաճյուղն ակտիվ չէ: Ոչ ակտիվ մասնաճյուղն այն է, որը դրամաշնորհ չի հատկացրել 6 ամիս շարունակ: Եթե Դուք հետաքրքրված եք վերագործարկել այս մասնաճյուղը, խնդրում ենք դիմել մեզ։

Մեր մասին

Increasingly, being awesome in Dubai is a way of life. All around us we find varying levels of awesomeness in every corner of the Emirate. It's from these communities of vibrant, creative souls that we seek awesome ideas that combine local sensibilities, cultural diversity, and uniqueness with compelling, relevant, and meaningful projects and activities that enhance society and positively impact the communities within Dubai --and beyond.

We know from experience that small can be 'mighty! and we're here to assure you, to re-affirm, that high impact initiatives CAN BE achieved with a small cash infusion coupled with a large dose of AWESOMENESS.

Thus, if you have a hot shot idea (even if its low key and awesome!) and you're in need of micro-funding of AED 5,000 to make it happen, apply for an Awesome Award. Dubai's Awesome Trustees confer upon one winner per month --or as per applications roll in, a 'no-strings-attached' grant to effectively launch their project in Dubai. Totally Awesome!

Have a Q: email us: ...or... Ready to make your mark by delivering your socially beneficial endeavor? Apply now!

PLEASE NOTE: Although we DO *sometimes fund projects outside Dubai or in the MENA region, our priority is for DUBAI based projects. If your project is OUTSIDE Dubai, please consider applying to Awesome Without Borders under the Chapter tab. Thanks!

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