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Apply For a Grant

About Us

Our grant application cycle is now closed. Good luck to the applicants. The grant will be awarded in mid-May.

Please note: The chapter will ONLY consider those projects that can be fully funded with the $1,000 grant. If you are working with a larger budget, think of a specific, creative stand-alone element that the $1,000 can fully fund. Keep this in mind when you provide a detailed budget and timeline for your project. Thank you.


Our chapter is interested in funding projects with micro-grants of $1,000 that will enhance and impact Santa Fe in a positive, creative way. Projects can include efforts in a wide range of areas including science, technology, arts, social good, and much more. We like projects that are visible and have a clear community benefit. Your project should make an impact by helping other people or by creating a better environment for them.

We are looking for projects that:

~ Are actionable and achievable

~ Benefit Santa Fe and the immediate surrounding communities

~ Can be completed within a reasonable time frame

~ Can be fully funded with the $1,000 grant



We keep an open mind about projects, but we will not consider grant applications for:

~ Living expenses or purchases for personal use, stipends, car or home repairs, studio rental, etc.

~ Projects that are not based in Santa Fe and the surrounding communities. We invest locally.

~ Travel expenses

~ Maintenance fees for established charities and foundations.

~ Vague causes or applications.

~ Projects that do not provide a proposed budget and a timeline.

Keep these guidelines in mind, and then surprise and delight us with your idea of how to make Santa Fe a better place to live, work, and play. Apply!

Would you like to contribute to our grant funding? We have spots open for "silent contributors" - donors who want to contribute money to our Awesome grant funds but would rather remain behind the scenes. Our silent contributors help support community projects and attend our grant award presentations and annual party. Contact us at and we'll give you all the details.

Meet the Trustees