The Black Tea Brown Suga Network

The BlackBrownSuga Network (BTBSN) is a Broadcasting and Media Community based organization whose mission is to to educate, inspire, and equip the community with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. The BTBSN was born out of the desire of young Black men and women to raise their voices and speak out on some of the issues that our Pittsburgh community faces. Now it is a platform that not only sheds light on topics and concern raised from the interests of our community, but it celebrates black and brown local examples of entrepreneurship, artistry and all around driven people that are passionate about creating change on local, national or even global levels.
The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network recognizes the power of collectivism, and one of its visions is to be the link connecting all black and brown owned businesses, artists, and community organizations. The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network isn´t a group of experts. We´re just everyday black and brown people that want to change the way our people and our community is represented and empower more people of our generation to use their voice, their perspectives and their skills to become active participants in our local community.
The core of what we do as an organization is host our weekly Facebook live shows, covering a variety of subjects. Through our three regular weekly shows, we interact with other young black community members and facilitate discussions on topics often dismissed (such as mental health and the current education system) or controversial topics (such as sex education, and black privilege). We seek to create a strong online community, which doubles as a support network, alongside the community building that we foster and initiate face to face.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (October 2019)